Wim Hoff

Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won’t go where you mind doesn’t push it.

Spontaneous events are puzzles in the mind that you have to figure out on the go. It’s a part of living in the present.

The cold gave me deeper understandings of how to deal with a broken heart.


Challenges bring about the true nature within me. It alerts my body and mind, altering my state of being. It makes me feel so alive!

If you can learn how to use your mind, anything is possible.

Once you know the way to your spiritual destiny, you can change. Once you realize that there are no limits in your mind Once you realize there are no boundaries to what is possible, you can change.


It is moments like this that one needs to face his fears. The best way to have such a moment is to gradually confront the fear and approach it in a way that is both exciting and inspiring.

You have to be at your best and be alert to potential mistakes, because in that moment, the mind and its thinking process are one. You have to be ready to mold yourself to whatever life gives you. To be ready, you must be alert within.

Make it simple for yourself by calming your mind from anger, understanding what makes you sad, and replicating the experiences that make you happy.


If you want strength and success, just do it

We can do more than what we think.” It’s a belief system that I have adopted and it has become my motto.

Poetry is the language of the soul. So listen.


The sacrifices you make will be rewarded. Life doesn’t change, but your perception does. It’s all about what you focus on.

Your mind makes you strong from within. It is your wise companion.

Withdraw from the world’s influence and no longer be controlled by your emotions. If you can grab the wheel of your mind, you can steer the direction of where your life will go.